Welcome to Mill Kitchen.

 We are based in a historic textile mill with decades of industry behind it and a reputation for quality; the same ethos is reflected in our café – using great raw materials, and traditional methods, to produce the best results we can.


We believe strongly in good food: food that is made with traceable, sustainable ingredients and made with care, is food that will do you good. In our café we serve food prepared freshly for you to either take away or eat in; we have a range of salads every day, plus hot and cold sandwiches, breakfasts, snacks,
one or two daily specials and of course cake, which you can have alongside wood-roasted coffee
or one of our loose-leaf teas. We use local and organic vegetables, organic milk and quality meat
from suppliers we trust.


We also have a deli section where we sell food products that we find useful and hope you will too. Here you can buy the locally baked bread and Yorkshire cheeses that we use on site. We’ll have some great cookbooks for sale (a particular passion) and also carefully researched wine and beer!


We look forward to seeing you soon.


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TELEPHONE 0113 2571417